Monday, 26 October 2015

New stash bought on holiday

 Morning all.
                   I would  like to thank KathyK for all here help while I was away. Thank you Lots Kathy.   and  also love to  welcome my new followers Choc3120002,  and Mrs A. I hope you pop back sometime,

I have been in America for three weeks and would also like to thank MaryEspi and hubby for their kindness while I was there.

As you would expect that I had to find all these Hobby stores they have over there  and I have never been to but heard so much about.  Mary and I went to Joann's, Michael's, Hobby lobby and some other that are not too well known. I had a fab time and went also to the War Eagle Craft fair and have never seen so many people  in one place, I was also taken to a lot of other lovely places. I took 425 pictures, I promise not to put them all on one post, I am going to put a few on now and again. I am only going to put today the new stash I brought  home with me, I know it could have been so much more room allowing.

 photo m_DSCF9605.jpg
                                                                      I just love trees 
 photo m_DSCF9606.jpg
These are four different papers 
 photo m_DSCF9607.jpg
 photo m_DSCF9608.jpg

 photo m_DSCF9609.jpg

 photo m_DSCF9610.jpg

 photo m_DSCF9611.jpg

 photo m_DSCF9612.jpg
                                                       Sorry about my foot in the picture


  1. Fab stash missus, bet you are going to enjoy playing with that little lot


  2. OMG Lilian, you must have needed another suitcase! Some lovely stuff there, hope you enjoy using it and I look forward to seeing the results
    Sue C xx

  3. Wonderful new stash you have Lilian and so glad you had a great time away over the pond
    x catherine

  4. I'm rather liking those papers you have shown. I get quite envious when our Americna friends mention all these wonderful stores and the bargains they cn get on their blogs.
    Looks like you managed to get a fair haul yourself. I have heard of people wearing several layers of clothes coming home just to make more room in their suitcases!! hugs Mrs A.


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