Saturday, 10 January 2015

Knee blanket

I started off knitting this blanket for Charity BUT as it got bigger I thought I like this and am going to keep it to put over my knee's. its 35 x 44 inches, I wanted to do something different so started with just one stitch and then increased at the start of every row. When the square was a big as I wanted it I knitted 6 rows in white without increasing, After that I then decreased at the beginning on every row till all the stitches were knitted together so you have a white line right across the blanket, To square it up a bit I then left some 1/2 squares and then knitted white 1/2 squares and sewed then in there, i knitted 4 white squares and it has turned out a lovely and different shape.  photo m_12345678DSCF7523.jpg


  1. And it turned out just great ...... I wouldn't blame you for keeping it yourself either, matey!


  2. Looks great lilian and love the different colours of blues
    x catherine

  3. Thank you Kathy and Catherine, Hugs


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