Friday, 28 August 2015

weekend away

Morning all.

I had a lovely weekend with part of my family in Portsmouth. My niece Sami is married to  Sam [yes it is confusing, you call Sam and you never know which one will answer lol ] They have been married for just over three years and are expecting their first child any time now. Last weekend Sami had a baby shower and  lots of their friends attended . It really was a lovely day. They had lots of presents for the baby [ they know its a boy.] I thought I would share some on the pictures of that lovely time with you.

Sami and Sam  photo m_12345678DSCF8762_zpsp2g2ukp1.jpg

 All the people that attended
 photo m_12345678DSCF8818_zpsvor44nrw.jpg

My granddaughter Stephanie. Myself  and my daughter Kerry
 photo m_12345678DSCF8828_zpsq4utysyo.jpg
My twin sister May

 photo m_12345678DSCF8756_zpst1q1hw0x.jpg

While away I really had to go shopping just in case I needed and craft stash lol. I did come back with a few things.

 photo m_12345678DSCF8896_zpskcu0nhxt.jpg

 photo m_12345678DSCF8893_zpsy2ee0kvd.jpg

 photo m_12345678DSCF8895_zpshjk4rwnq.jpg  photo m_12345678DSCF8894_zpsw6pqymat.jpg

These were waiting for me when I cam home.

 photo m_12345678DSCF8897_zps2wiszu9z.jpg

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  1. Looks like you've had a lovely few days away, welcome back. Lots of super stash to play with too - guess we all know what you'll be doing today .... yeah, right! LAUNDRY!

    Happy Friday


  2. You look so happy in the photos Lilian --- what a wonderful celebration. You have a beautiful family. Congrats to your niece and her husband as they wait for the arrival of their first baby. xx


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