Friday, 6 November 2015

A lot of pictures today

Good morning all,

Well the first thing I thought I would share with you are a couple of pictures of my holiday in America with Mary. I had  a lovely time and we all managed to do a lot while we were there . I am going to enclose some pictures of some bug, first though a picture I was so lucky to get as I have been wanting a pictures of a hummingbird. Also a robin. [Nothing like ours in the UK] A huge grasshopper. Also a lovely coloured spider. 

I was going to enter some cards into challenges today but I will post again tomorrow with the challenges. Things have come up so will be busy this morning and not have time. 

 photo m_DSCF9079.jpg

I have waiting so long to get this picture of the humming bird 

 photo m_DSCF9092.jpg
So unlike our robin in the UK

 photo m_DSCF9110.jpg
This was so big, I did know they were that big 

 photo m_DSCF9213.jpg
Spiders are so pretty

Spiders are so pretty.

 photo m_DSCF9307.jpg

                                             So strange to see a cat sleep like this.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and thank you for any comment you leave I love to read them all

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  1. Fab pix, Lilian - I've never seen a cat sleep like that either!



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