Monday, 6 July 2015

more Topper cards

I have been using up some of my stash and have found a lot of toppers that I thought I would use up. I also have packs of backing papers. I have had these so long am not at all sure where they were brought from. You all know how it is when you start, you go into a buying frenzy and buy everything you think will be good. Then you change how you work and then are left with all this stash. So though I cannot throw it out so will use it up so I now have a lot of cards. Some I am sending away and they are going to be sold for charity.

 photo m_12345678DSCN2760_zpsbmpwfyev.jpg photo m_12345678DSCN2758_zpskkunbgsz.jpg  photo m_12345678DSCN2737_zps6qfbe5wo.jpg


  1. And I'm sure that, if these are destined for charity, the charity should be delighted


  2. These are wonderful Lilian and well done on using your old stash up!!
    x catherine


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